Stop Accepting Your Faults

Guide to Slang

Salty: upset or bitter, specifically toward other people.

Flaming: the act of expressing annoyance or anger towards others.

Tilted: generally, the beginning of an emotional breakdown and frustration of your hard work not resulting in the success.

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Now that we’ve gone over the internet slang we will use, let’s get started with the main subject. In today’s world, it’s almost glorified to bask in your own faults.

Words like “salty” and “flaming” are often used positively (in a relatable way) despite their very negative origins. If you notice which viral sensations become famous, you’ll begin to realize that they are often people who are using negative emotions, traits, and more to their own, selfish advantage. This is absolutely not okay! People have begun to use their weakest points to do whatever in the world they want, no matter who it affects in the process.

For example, despite what you may be told, “being insecure,” isn’t a reason to hurt others, “being forgetful,” isn’t a way to get out of telling someone happy birthday, and “not taking crap from anyone,” isn’t an excuse to be hostile! If you’re online much, you’ll see that it’s “cool” to get in a bad mood after something doesn’t go your way. This trend has to stop, but it must take determination to keep a calm, positive attitude to do so. Now, when I say “calm” I don’t mean condescending or fake. There’s nothing wrong with letting your emotions show, but there is something wrong with glorifying negativity.

In short, we need to stop accepting our faults and actively work on converting them to something beneficial. Not to our synthetic success, but to our own morality as well as those around us. No one has ever helped anyone by getting “tilted” at all. These negative feelings and acts are used to create a domino effect that will eventually cause the whole world to go up in “flames” if you will.

I think it’s high time that we stop using our “faults” as excuses to do whatever we want without consequences. No, you aren’t a “forgetful” person, you just lack the determination to make the effort to mark your calendar or just care about what others say. No, you don’t have an uncontrollable temper, you refuse to accept anything unless done your way. No, you aren’t prone to depression. You may have been given a raw deal, but in the end, you thrive on negativity. Try basking in positivity and you’ll see a change. That is, if you want it.

The bottom line is, we use what people see as weaknesses to our advantage in all the wrong ways. We give ourselves a way out by accepting the parts of us that need a little DIY and TLC. So, let’s actually start working on ourselves. It doesn’t have to be a twelve-step program, because there’s just one step. So take it!

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