Expecting The Worst: “I don’t like bananas!”

Art via: ghosyboid.deviantart.com

It’s no secret that the world is going downhill in so many ways. But one of the worst ways is that everyone seems to not only see, but search for the worst in each other.

That is, those who they don’t agree with. Politics aside, it’s as if people judge everyone based on one thing. This “one thing” varies, but it is constant. People will even judge everyone who has ever been associated with that one thing as well. It’s as if everyone has tunnel vision, unable to take someone’s word for what it is, rather than who it is. But guess what? You can have different opinions and still be great friends!

If you hear something about a close family member, you’ll automatically go to them for confirmation before believing it. But whatever happened to weighing out situations before jumping to a conclusion just because you don’t like the individual?

sad banana
Via: memegen.com

For example, say you knew this awful, evil person who loved bananas. Rather than say, “wow, that person is so mean,” you say, “man, I hate banana lovers.” Logical, right? This starts a series of events that could have been easily prevented with an intelligent, levelheaded, and kindhearted accuser. From that day forth, you post memes on Facebook about how everyone who likes bananas is the spawn of Satan. That domino effect will never end, simple escalate until no one even knows what small discrepancy started the gigantic hate war. Here’s the truth of the matter folks: you don’t have to dislike someone just because they like something that you don’t. On the flipside…

You don’t have to like someone just because they agree with you. That mentality is cancerous. In fact, you are a thousand times more likely to learn from someone you disagree with. If someone says something and you immediately flare up into your defensive state, chances are, you aren’t even confident in your own choices. On the same note, if you make a bad one, if you misjudge someone at first, own up! You’ll only be more respected for doing so. You won’t lose the loyalty of anyone who needs to be in your life. You’ll likely gain so much that you never even knew existed.

So can we please connect to each other as souls? Can we please be real? Can we please spread love rather than insecurity-bred hate? If anyone has anything to add, please feel free to let me know in a comment!

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