What Does Emily Medlock Do?

So, you’ve read the Emily Medlock about page, you’ve visited her social media pages (like Facebook), and you’ve skimmed through all of her services on the home page. But, still, you don’t know what her specialty is.

You may know that she offers nearly any type of writing service, but what makes her different than any other freelance writer?

Emily Medlock – Gamer

One of Emily’s number one topics she enjoys is anything related to gaming. Her favorite sites include GamerBolt and GameRaven. These are sites where you can find the work of Emily Medlock as it pertains to gaming.

She has recently started working on a few backstories and dialogues for video games. Creative writing gives you a piece of Emily Medlock that can’t be found in any article you’ll read online.

On the other hand, she has also been seen at TheGizmoLife writing news stories about video games. She offers gaming news and reviews, but specializes in editorials.

This can be an opinion piece listing the best of ex. “2016 Xbox Games” or “Gaming Music.” But where Emily Medlock really stands out is the more…controversial topics. She is a big believer in the gamergate community. Bringing us to our next topic…

Emily Medlock – Activist


Emily Medlock believes in bringing under-spoken rights and problems to light. Especially bias of any kind. This can be in the gaming community, or anywhere else in life.

For Emily Medlock, it is important to not only fight for one’s beliefs, but the beliefs, rights, and freedom of others. People like to brush issues they don’ want to face under the rug, ignoring injustices that don’t directly affect them.

If gender-bias isn’t present in your life, you’re living a lie, Emily Medlock claims. If you believe everyone is treated the same, regardless of color or weight, you are sadly mistaken. Yes, we live in a world that claims an “equal opportunity,” and this is often true. But the world fought long and hard for these rights, these equalities, and it isn’t quite over yet.


If you or a loved one has ever been mistreated due to anything other than your actions (reflecting your heart) there’s a good chance your true heart believes in this too.

So, have you ever?

  • Felt pocketed or scorned for your religion?
  • Felt like the object of repulsion due to your appearance?
  • Felt automatically and incorrectly “pinpointed” because of the way you dress?
  • Felt targeted due to personal choices?
  • Felt judged for your past or family relations?
  • Felt outcast-ed for not believing the way those around you do?
  • Felt like the object of unwarranted inappropriate attention?
  • Felt as if you were “lesser” due to your choice in friends or SO?

If you answered yes, you might be a lot like Emily Medlock (and the human race). There’s a stereotype for activists, but in reality, it’s simply the root of everything we as humans are meant to be. Not everyone goes about it in the best way, nor has the best intentions. Maybe you don’t believe in the ‘active’ part of activist, but that doesn’t mean you can’t let your heart show. If you have a problem with that…then you have a problem. Because no one should be afraid to let their heart show.

So, what do you say we join Emily Medlock and focus on what we can do to help, on how we can start by treating others with respect, dignity, and love?

If you disagree, agree, or need clarification, let Emily Medlock know in the comments below or contact her directly on Facebook!

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