An Introduction to Emily Medlock

Hi, my name is Emily Medlock and I am a freelance writer. I began my journey into freelancing in 2016. It began, not as a source of income, but as a hobby that added very little to my weekly pay. But it wasn’t long until I had to leave my other job behind and as I had taken on enough work that I was working full time writing for different companies and individuals.

My very best work is done when I am focused on video games or highly-entertaining viral content. Such as “best of” listicles or crazy topics everyone can relate to!

But what I enjoy even more than writing about video games is creative writing. This is where I got my start as I wrote a a book called Letting Go by Emily Medlock. Which is available on for Kindle and in paperback. The series is called the Springdale Trilogy as I am currently working on the second book.

I also have a fantasy series on standby that is almost ready for publishing. I have written for a couple of indie games and apps,  and I hope to focus on writing more scripts, stories, and scenes for games soon.

If you would like to hire me, Emily Medlock, just click contact and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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